My photographs are like diaries and their poetry soaks up memories: I want you to look back on your wedding images and remember, amongst all the beautiful details, how you felt and how it felt to be there .

I value meaningful relationships because they lead to intimacy and vulnerable conversations, I feel in my element when I'm part of whole hearted and intimate celebrations filled with favourite people, personal details and a light that is just right. 



I’m passionately invested in creating emotional images full of intimacy and in capturing the atypical that breaks the traditional mold. 

For that, I invite you to honour your greatest authenticity, you can choose a Dolce & Gabbana Enchanted wood dress instead of a white one, to get married on a rooftop in New York City or in the middle of the desert - and if you do, ask me to come along.  

To be invited to tell a story of human connection, to quietly observe, seeking authenticity: this is a trusted privilege that I do not take for granted. 



Press play and come along with me. barra